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Elegant with a touch of whimsy. Traditionally English but with a French flair. Crafted to your theme and adaptable to your needs.
Any event will be An Occasion with Molly and Flo’s Pop-Up Vintage Afternoon Tea Parties.
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Tea Party Entrepreneur, baker, magic maker

Lorraine’s love of baking started young, and the love is still strong. She lavished it on family parties – Christmas, Easter, birthdays, Guy Fawkes Night. Any excuse is a good excuse for a tea party.

Lorraine’s passion for her family – her husband, her three children and their partners and her two granddaughters – is large enough to include all their fur friends: Teddy, Molly, Noah and Bailey the dogs, and cats Sooty and Boots.

How did Lorraine’s twin passion for family events and baking grow into Molly and Flo’s? Not everyone has Lorraine’s tea party standards!

“I’ve had many an afternoon tea that was pleasant but not splendid. I often went away thinking how I could do better – so decided to do exactly that.”

Molly and Flo’s put on its apron and set out the good china bearing Lorraine’s glorious teas in 2018.

Recipe for success


The best ingredients

Molly and Flo’s uses the freshest ingredients to hand-make the most exquisite cakes, finger sandwiches and scones for you.

“Everything was perfect…the spread was outstanding from filled sandwiches with lots of choices to scrumptious cakes, biscuits, filled scones and not to forget the little treats in a jar.” ~ Kkelli Tadrowski, Facebook


When and Where

The perfect tea party can happen anywhere, at any time, on beautiful china and with attention to detail to the last napkin.

Molly and Flo’s caters perfect vintage tea parties for 12 to 50 in posh parlours or playful playrooms. Enjoy rustic picnics in unruly gardens or on a picnic blanket in the living room.

Wild afternoons

Molly and Flo’s imaginative pop-up, immersive tea parties can happen anywhere and anywhen (within reason).

Afternoons & Afterparties

The memory of our themed events, indoors or outdoors, will linger long after the last crumb of cake has been licked off the fork.


Naked or fully dressed

Molly and Flo’s imagination never runs short, no matter your needs. We bring the same flourish and je ne sais quoi to gluten-free deliciousness as lavish Princess parties.

Make an afternoon tea wish and Molly and Flo will make magic.

“Had the most amazing gluten free afternoon tea created by Molly and Flo’s. It was outstanding… The attention to detail and the time taken to create a 100% gluten-free spread was first class.” ~ Jane Greenlee, Facebook

“To celebrate my daughters 4th birthday we went for a Princess theme, which was worked into every single inch of the party … Rapunzle’s flowing chocolate fountain tower and Snow White’s ‘poisoned’ apple treats were amazing … the attention to detail was so far beyond what we expected. The sandwiches were painstakingly cut into little Cinderella glass slipper shapes, the crispy cakes were cut into hearts and the cake pops sparkled with glitter.” ~ Keeley Bolton, Facebook.


What will we make for you?

Call Lorraine on 07719322905 or email to learn how Molly and Flo’s can make your event amazing.